This is true. When I sold the guitar to pay off that bill, I got the USPS notice today they got the letter. I know they’ll take some days to actually record it and deposit it, but *I* feel better having done that.

I wrote yesterday asking for input on a letter I wrote to JUNIPER, my next “Victim”, but received no replies yet. My neighbour who is in business, said the letter was well written, and said it looked good to her.

It is being mailed tomorrow if I hear no input on it, I have only to feel it is in fact OK.

ALL I WANT IS FOR THEM TO LOWER THAT DANG INTEREST RATE. One would think I was asking for the world.

Oh, well, I do feel better getting 2 cards (MBNA and a smaller TARGET balance) shot down this month. It will be very tight, but it’ll be DONE :-)

The thing about Dave’s book total money make over (and the workbook which is a waste of money if you have the book) is he spends the first half of the book explaining the evils of debt. I kind of felt beat up after reading that far. Everything he says in his book is sound and if you follow his principles then you will do better financially.

But I do prefer Mary Hunt’s book Debt-Proof Living. It is the same principles but a more positive tone over all in the book. She has a great chapter on credit reports and scores and how to fix them with some references you will go back to year after year.

Generally if you need to be convinced to live debt free Dave’s book is a good but if you understand and accept that it is a problem then I like Mary’s book better. Mary makes a pretty compelling case for debt free living also but does not take half the book to make that case. Mary’s web site has some links to free web sites with excel spreadsheets for snowball payments. You can also use the same spreadsheets to calculate savings by starting with 0 and seeing how it builds up.

I would not use any of the paid services available on the site any more then I would buy a book without borrowing it from the library first. I did buy a used copy of Mary’s book after all so that I could use it as a reference for the credit stuff.

Ok, I checked out a couple of counselors that I found using Dave Ramsey’s website. We are looking at 300 dollars for 2 hrs consultation….Has anyone done this??
I have the book, but they stated they can help… I hate to waste 300 dollars…

It seems to me that you really don’t have $300 extra dollars to pay anyone for only 2 hours worth of “consultation” In my opinion thats highway robbery for something you could get more answers on and do more research on yourself anyway. After the 2 hours and $300 later, you will still be left with as many years as it takes to get out of debt and it will take YOUR effort to do it – not a counselor. Then as a warning, the first two hours will magically turn into having to purchase another hour… and so on and so on… (that could happen) I think your $300 is better off being put toward the debt as a step in the best direction.

What do you think? I would have never opted to pay anyone for get out debt advice and paying for a plan I could find myself. The only thing I did was buy a few books (some new, some used) I also suggest joining a group that gives advice about living a frugal lifestyle. Being “frugal” to the extremes is something I had to do for only a temporary amount of time. I learned a heck of a lot from it. Now we only live sem-frugally, but my hubby and I still save a lot of money on everything we do and we live far below our means – yet we enjoy our lives far more than most people we know, who overspend on everything in site.

Again – all of the above is really just my opinion and what it took for me to get out of debt.

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