I am new to BBQ blog. To make a long story short….I am 60 years old. My husband and I are debt free but self-employed. He “dodged a bullet” this past week (health wise) and we did not have insurance.

I am thinking of going back to work. I have been offered cleric work but that is not what I want to do. I have had retail management experience and have job offers in that area. What sort of insurance, 401K and disability insurance are they likely to offer me? Places like Sears, Kohls, etc. I know of women my age who are going to work for StarBucks for the insurance.

We have not paid much into social security because of self employment and I understand that what I pay in this next 5 years will substancially increase my SS checks when I do decide to retire.

It isn’t something he wants me to do because I do a lot in our business but he is slowing down now and I think/feel he can hire someone to do what I do pat time. Thanks

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