I just wanted to thank the list for introducing me to the Dave Ramsey Show. I started listening to him over a month ago and the guy really has changed my view of money, how to approach debt, and more importantly how to get out. Even where there was little hope. I agree with the past posters that if you have not done so, you need to at least check him out. You can listen to him online at:


I downloaded his archive of past shows and listen to them everyday at work. If I can stay on his program for at least 6 weeks, I have a chance of actually sticking to my plan as it will become habit. Listening to his show on my computer while at work everyday for 3 hours has kept me highly motivated. The guy is no-nonsense, and will definately tell you how to deal with creditors without turning to consumer credit counseling or credit resolution companies, or bankruptcy.

His book Total Money Makeover is a book form of his show, and is very valuable. I found that listening to him though kept me more motivated as you get to hear others call in and tell of their problems and struggles, as well as their successes… It constantly reenforces the practices of the book. It feels good to know that the majority of people are in the same boat, and some are actually getting out. Since listening, I have paid off over 3000 in one month. I have over 76,000 in consumer (non-mortgage debt)… ie (credit cards, student loads, personal loc, etc) His emergency (murphy law) fund of $1000.00 (Baby Step 1) was also key. I just used it to repair my washer, when I would have normally turned to a credit card…. Fortunately I make a good income so I will be debt free in 3 years.

Dave’s program is hard work, it takes changes in behavior, and will take time. There is no get rich quick methods here… You’ll learn to do finances like your grandparents did…. We all know that if we use common sense like Grandma we would’nt be in this situation. And Dave will smack you around a bit and keep you on track.

So I want to thank the group for previously suggesting him… He has change my life!

Has anyone tried his program? I dont really want to do Bankruptcy.

Hello, I have read the entire Total Money Make-Over book by Mr. Ramsey after I was completely out of debt. Yes, it is a great book and I’m endorsing him even more on this group – (good for him) Now here is the catch… Dave Ramsey’s program only works if YOU want it to work. PERIOD. Before he was even popular or the verge of becoming popular I was doing much of what he has written about. I can say the same about all other “get out of debt” self help guides.

Each one as good as they individually may be… will only work for YOU, if YOU are willing to actually do the work. The main thing I know for sure is that breaking free of unneccesary debt takes personal committment, dedication and all out self discipline. It doesnt happen overnight and there is NO easy fix. But each day you get closer to paying off those debts, you will feel better and it does become easier. Like training for a marathon. If you start out with no training, but you practice each day – at first it will painful and very difficult, but by the time the marathon event day comes – you are a lean, mean marathon machine! A self made champion for making to it the event!

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