ok – I need more opinions as I am sitting on the fence. I have a job opprotunity and want to know the financially right thing to do. PROS of new job: 100% health and life, 401k with their contribution, in the area we would like to move back to, cost of living less than where we are currently, more advanced and growing, stable company, more possibility of andvancement or raises

CONS of new job: having to find new housing with 4 dogs, expense of moving, salary is $9,000 less than now – not counting the above benefits. We also have just signed a 2 yr lease before this opportunity came up so not sure if can get out easily. Current job: no chance in near future for raise – highest I can go, still stuck in the “pencil pushing” world, 20 mile drive in Atlanta traffic one way, They contribute $200 toward health. That is the only benefit offered. I took the job (a loss of $3,000 annualy and good benefits) when I was laid off my dream job in October) I needed a paycheck.

We are already in the lower Fico scores due to my layoff making us lower but have started taking measures like getting better rates on utilities, changing phone service around. Therefore in case I need cash very fast I will only be eligible for no teletrack payday loans from companies like WithNoTeletrack. We will prbably voluntarily turn in the camper ( usine to stay in when go home to visit) and leased truck soon as hubby lost his job so down a paycheck. We had one collection that was recently paid off (got tired trying to fight them on it to prove it was ours) and another I have been paying some on every month.

SOOOOO I know the benfits are a BIG thing and with turning in the leased truck and the camper on a budget worksheet looks like we could do it. What is everyones thoughts?

You said nothing of the personal cost – the stress level! It isn’t always about the money – the newer job sounds like it would also take a boatload of stress off you – better commute, more chance of moving up in the company, a place you want to live in, etc. Good luck to you – and I would also suggest – keep researching in the meantime, and keep writing about it (like you just did) – and your answer will become clear to you. No snap decisions!

a) Ask about the lease before you throw in the towel. Are they human? Can they sub-let?

b) Check out the new area and see if it isn’t so hard to find a place you like for the puppies and you.

The 401K and the benefits are a big thing…..

The only real thing I would look at is downsizing. Is the company you’re currently working for due for a dowsize? Job opportunity – are they just a start up company? When’s the last time they downsized? Sometimes job jumping is better than getting laid off for being at a company too long. Follow your gut feeling.

The health benefits and retirement plan look like the winner here. You can always move. If this company is hiring in bad exconomic times , imagine how well they may do in good times.

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